Daft Punk's Tron soundtrack to be released on November 23rd

So, sure, the most recent Twilight soundtrack was exciting and even somewhat good and, well, any collection of movie music that features new music from Broken Social Scene and Beck has to be worth a spin, but I think it’s safe to say the most hyped soundtrack of 2010 is Daft Punk‘s creation for the forthcoming sci-fi film Tron Legacy. After all, it was the only soundtrack we included on our must buy list. (Shamless plug, I know).

Well, good thing the wait is almost over. Yes, as Amazon.com’s latest slip-up notes, the Daft Punk-penned soundtrack for Tron: Legacy is due for release on November 23rd via Walt Disney Records. No other details are known and an official confirmation, but the release date make sense considering the film is due out on December 17th.

According to Slash Film, the legendary electronic duo may preview some of its soundtrack at the San Diego Comic-Con, which is set to run from July 22-25. Variety reports an actual musical performance is possible, but others state it’s more likely new music will come in the form of a new trailer for the film or some dude pressing play on his MacBook. One way or another, we’ll keep you updated.


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