Deluxe edition of Pinkerton due out October 5th?

Weezer used to be a pretty kickass band. Back in the ’90s, Weezer put out a one-two punch of catchy but enduring pop-punk discs called Weezer (the Blue Album) and Pinkerton that boasted a raw, honest angst that would have made Kurt Cobain proud.

Wait. You’ve never heard Pinkteron? Don’t be embarrassed. It was considered by fans and most mainstream critics a sophomore slump in the midst of huge expectations coming off the band’s debut, and while it is remembered fondly now, most new fans rightfully start with the Blue Album.

Any Weezer (or Panic at the Disco) fan will tell you Pinkteron is a must, however, and it appears you have a golden opportunity to get into it this October. Amazon has put up a page for the long-expected deluxe edition to the classic album. It appears it will be two discs at about $30 and arrive October 5th, the month following the band’s followup to Raditude and first album since splitting with Geffen (although Geffen is putting out this reissue).

According to guitarist Brian Bell in an April interview with The Aquarian Weekly, “There will be more photographs and a really nice booklet that goes along with it. I believe some unreleased tracks that were recorded during that time.” Bell added, “That album has definitely taken on a life of its own and became more successful after the fact and more accepted. At the time, it wasn’t, especially critically acclaimed. In fact, I think it was one of the worst records of the year by Rolling Stone that year, and then later it was hailed.”

I want my cookie when MGMT does the same interview in 14 years.


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