Guided By Voices looking beyond Matador at 21

Unless you’ve been in a comatose state for the last few months, you’ll know Matador is throwing one hell of a 21st birthday party in Las Vegas. Not content with flying in my fellow countrymen Belle & Sebastian and Mogwai to fill out an already awesome lineup, Matador dropped a bombshell on everyone. Guided By Voices would return with their classic lineup for the weekend extravaganza.

Well, you better sit down for this next bit. Robert Pollard, frontman of Guided By Voices, has since confirmed that after Matador at 21, the band will hit the road for a tour of the United States.

“I initially told them, ‘No, we don’t play Vegas,’ ” [Pollard] said with a chuckle. “They came back and offered us more money, so I told them I’d see what the other guys said. It took some time to track Kevin down, but they all wanted to do it,” Pollard explained in an interview with Dayton Daily News (via BV).

No dates have yet been confirmed, but Pollard has indicated that once the tour concludes it will be the end of the band for good. As we get more details you can be sure we’ll pass them on, so stay tuned.


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