Is this Kanye West’s Good Ass Job tracklist?


Just so we’re all crystal clear on the matter, this is a rumored tracklist that has leaked. has confirmation from “a few independent sources” that the following titles are correct and even in the right order. A screenshot taken reveals the source the of tracklist and the album name.

Of serious note is that the title of the album appears to have undergone a change, now titled Record For Hype. After all, Good Ass Job has always only been a tentative title and never confirmed. Whatever he chooses, both are syntactically unsound. You probably would have got your AP Stylebook junior year, dawg.

All kidding aside, tracks we’ve heard before include “Power“, and the sooooo 2009 leak “So Appalled“. Nahright has a cool little snipet of “Monster” featuring Rick Ross, who also collaborated with Ye on Ross’ track “Live Fast, Die Young” from his forthcoming studio release Teflon Don. Missing are the purported sample of “Popular” from Wicked: The Musical–unless he’s masking the sample under another track name–and any featured guests on songs. Hopefully we can get confirmation of the tracklist soon, but for now, here’s a little something to dwell on.

Kanye West’s Good Ass Job or Record For Hype Tracklist:
01. Hell Of A Life
02. Dark Fantasy
03. Power (produced by Dwele)
04. Chain Heavy
05. Ghetto University
06. That’s My Bitch
07. Runaway
08. Lost In The World
09. Gorgeous
10. Monster (feat. Rick Ross)
11. Holding Me Back
12. Devil In A New Dress
13. The Joy
14. So Appalled
15. Blame Game
16. Sweat On My Face