Jimmy Eat World are re-Invented this September

Jimmy Eat World are the quiet stalwarts of the alternative world, the perpetual underdogs who have consistently put out great material. Having formed back in 1993 in Mesa, Arizona of all places, it seems as if the alt rockers were almost destined to forge a career where they skirted the musical radar. But maybe that’s a good thing, since it keeps them hungry and hard at work releasing new material. And to continue their workhorse pace, the band announced, via their Twitter account, that they had completed their seventh studio album, entitled Invented.

According to PunkNews.org, the album, their followup to 2007’s Chase This Light, will be in stores on September 28th on an as-yet-unannounced label. In fact, when their contract with Interscope expired in 2008, the band were even flirting with the idea of self-releasing material.

While details are scarce thus far, the band also revealed the first single would be a track called “My Best Theory”. Manning the boards on this effort is the returning Mark Trombino, who produced the band’s second and third albums (Static Prevails and Clarity) along with 2001’s Bleed American, which we named our 70th best album of the 2000s.

Invented will be available September 28th. Stay tuned for more album details as they’re announced.


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