Laura Marling covers Neil Young on Jack White-produced seven inch

When news that folksy goddess Laura Marling was working with Jack White on a new seven inch, we all clamored for more details. It took a while — though not Jack and Jay-Z long — but we now can tell you, via, that the English songbird’s White produced, “Blue Series” debut will consist of two covers, featuring takes on both Neil Young and Jackson C. Frank.

Side one one of the seven inch features a cover of Frank’s 1965 song “Blues Run the Game”, while on the flip side you can expect to hear Marling’s version on the Young’s 1972 classic “Needle and the Damage Done”. For an early taste, check out live cuts of “Blues Run the Game” below and “Needle and the Damage Done” at Paste Magazine.

Recorded during her most recent US tour, Marling reportedly completed each track in one take. Plus, if the live songs below are any indication, they should pop even more with Mr. White’s production magic. (Here’s why).

The limited edition seven inch vinyl is due out August 7th via Third Man Records, but you can pre-order it via Rough Trade now. Or, nab your own copy via iTunes next month.

Now, quick, Jack White, and make with the rest of those releases.


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