Los Campesinos! announce new EP Alls Well That Ends

It’s only fitting that Los Campesinos! is set to release a new EP with a title referencing closure, considering they recently let their drummer Ollie Campesinos! go. The EP, titled Alls Well That Ends, will be comprised of acoustic takes of four songs from their January album, Romance is Boring.

Los Campesinos! released “Romance is Boring (Princess Version)” on their Web site as a teaser to the EP and it’s certainly a major break from the album version. While the title track of the album is fueled by fierce drums and driving guitars, the Princess Version is haunting and slowed down to a crawl with a rich string orchestration in place of drums and guitars. It’s a bit jarring for those used to the breathless outbursts from Gareth Campesinos!, but a look at the making of video, reassures fans that there’s going to be a lot to like on the EP.

Below, you can find the making of video, which features your typical mix of studio shots, goofing off, and covers of “Wonderwall”. It’s worth the 15 minutes, if you’re a fan.

Alls Well That Ends goes on sale July 19th in select record stores. The 10″ vinyl is also available on Wichita Recording’s Web site for £5.99, which comes out to just under $9 in America.

Alls Well That Ends Tracklist:
01. Romance is Boring (Princess Version)
02. Letters From me to Charlotte (RSVP)
03. Straight in at 101/It’s Never Enough
04. (All’s Well That Ends) In Medias Res


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