Lupe Fiasco’s delayed album receives petition from frustrated fans

In case you couldn’t tell, we’ve gotten a tad cynical about album delays in hip-hop. And really, do you blame us? Whether it’s overinflated egos or those “much needed tweaks”, no hip-hop album ever seems to be on time. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re totally heartless. Case in point, we felt an inconsolable sorrow when upon learning that Lupe Fiasco‘s long-awaited Lasers has been so delayed that people are actually petitioning Atlantic Records for its release.

According to Prefix Magazine, Lazers‘ hold up stems from the fact that the label wants the album to have a “poppy” lead single, which apparently they’re not getting from this socially relevant MC. Regardless of the cause, though, fans have taken to to get the album, which has been ready for over a year, out to the public posthaste. They’re so mad they didn’t even bother with a quick spelling and grammar check.

To: Atlantic Records Dear Atlantic Records,

Sincerely, The Undersigned

The fans have been below have been waiting for the release for Lupe Fiasco’s album “Lasers” for over a good year now. Since when it was originally announced finished last summer, there has still yet to be a release date announced. It has even been stated by Lupe Fiasco the artist himself, that the album si in fact completed. Enough is enough, we demand that you stop playing around and give us the album that we have been highly anticipating since the release of The Cool.

And don’t think the MC wasn’t touched by the gesture. In an early morning tweet on July 21st, the MC wrote, “I wake up to mass protest!!!…Thank Ya’ll…By Any Means Necessary! Keep It Going #WeWantLasers”. You can sign the petition here. As always, stay tuned to whether or not their red hot passion melts Atlantic’s cold heart.


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