Marnie Stern simplifies things on Marnie Stern

Female guitar wizards are not exactly a dime a dozen, but Marnie Stern still went to the lengths of naming her last album This Is It And I Am It And You Are It And So Is That And He Is It And She Is It And It Is It And That Is That as a slight elbow nudge to get her record to stand out from the crowd. And, it worked. No doubt her finger-tapping and songwriting had something to do with it as well.

Well, her music will have to stand on its own for her new release, simply titled Marnie Stern. Luckily, she considers it her best album yet, stemming from a difficult period in her life that spawned an outpouring of personal stories that swing from the bitter to the sweet. The album is also a sonic step-forward, featuring her long-time co-conspirator Zach Hill (Hella) and her boyfriend, Women’s Matthew Flegel. About this she says, “I wanted to pay more attention to the delicate and subtly layered spaces in between sound and just make things louder and fuller where I didn’t on my last 2 records. It’s direct and honest and real. I’m no longer taking cover under guitar lines or yelping vocals.”

Marnie Stern will be available October 5th on Kill Rock Stars. Check out the tracklist and first single below.

Check Out:
“For Ash”

Marnie Stern Tracklist:
01. For Ash
02. Nothing Left
03. Transparency is the New Mystery
04. Risky Biz
05. Female Guitar Players are the New Black
06. Gimme
07. Cinco De Mayo
08. Building a Body
09. Her Confidence
10. The Things You Notice


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