More Crystal Castles controversy: Singer “punches” fan

Crystal Castles have been on their best behavior of late, but after someone groped vocalist Alice Glass at a performance at the UK based Latitude Festival this past weekend, a scene reminiscent of the good ol’ days soon ensued.

According to NME, Glass spent most of the band’s performance crowd surfing. However, at some point during said crowd surfing, a male festival attendee inappropriately touched the singer, which prompted her to respond with some punches and a few choice words: “You touch my tits, I kick you in the fucking head.” She then spat in their direction, and yelled “Bitch”.

NME notes Glass eventually left the stage, shortly after hurling her microphone at the drum riser. To a backdrop of boos, her bandmates followed, ending the performance after just 20 minutes.

Crystal Castles’ performance is just the latest bit of bad news for a festival already overwhelmed by negative press. Police are currently investigating two separate rape cases that reportedly took place during the festival.


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