New Van Halen album may be happening, possibly

The on-again, off-again, already-happened-might-just-be-a-rumor-again Van Halen album with Wolfgang “Amadeus” Van Halen on bass and one of the best-of-all-time drummers in Alex Van Halen appears to be…already-happened-again!

So what is really going on? Van Halen News Desk (yep, that is a real website) is quick to point out that Janie Van Halen did not deny the new recording rumors, but rather just said no comment in a wordy way. But, hidden near the end of the piece is this tidbit: “The facts are, two guitarists who are friends with Eddie – Dweezil Zappa and John 5 – have both recently admitted to hearing new Van Halen material and that it was killer.”

KILLER! Yeah, that’s right, it exists and it is awesome. I mean if Dweezil Zappa likes it, it must be good. I actually don’t know if this gives me more or less belief in a new Van Halen record. Is Dweezil Zappa grounded enough in reality to report on actually hearing new Van Halen? It was probably just a recording of “Jump”. And who the hell is John 5? (I know who he is, but seriously folks…)

More lack-of-news as it develops. On a positive note, my poor, poor photoshopping is up there, getting some major mileage!


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