Nigel Godrich-produced Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World detailed

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World will take the highly beloved comic book series about a boy, a girl, and a legion of evil exes that spanned six volumes and six years and attempt to turn it into an piece of cinema badassery. So, a film like this obviously merits more than one capable soundtrack. And while the first one, you know, the one with the likes of Beck and Metric, is enough to rocket the film upward, a second soundtrack, the original score, by Nigel Godrich (which we first hinted at in April) should be that final spin kick in the 64-hit combo to your wallet and sensibilities.

According to The Playlist, the score soundtrack is a grand total of 38 songs. While the soundtrack has Frank Black and Plumtree hits, the score may win the battle of sheer overall musical prowess. With tracks on the score featuring the likes of Kid Koala, Beck, Supergrass, Broken Social Scene members Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning, and Cornelius, top-notch doesn’t begin to describe it. Plus, there’s stuff written by Dan the Automator, Godrich and Beck, and U.K. DJ/mash-up artist Osymyso. So much music it makes your heart want to explode.

Enjoy the full tracklist below. Both the score and the official soundtrack are out August 10th, with the movie out August 13th. As always, stay tuned for any more details that would officially make this movie’s soundtracks even more unbelievable.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Original Score Tracklist:
01. Nigel Godrich – Universal Theme
02. Nigel Godrich – Hillcrest Park
03. Nigel Godrich – Fight!
04. Dan the Automator – Slick (Patel’s Song)
05. Nigel Godrich – Love Me Some Walking
06. Nigel Godrich – Talk To The Fist
07. Nigel Godrich – Rumble
08. Nigel Godrich – Feel The Wrath
09. Nigel Godrich – The Grind
10. Nigel Godrich – Hello Envy
11. Nigel Godrich – Mystery Attacker
12. Nigel Godrich – Second Cup
13. Nigel Godrich – The Vegan
14. Nigel Godrich, Jason Falkner & Justin Meldal-Johnsen – Bass Battle
15. Nigel Godrich – Sorry I Guess
16. Nigel Godrich – Roxy
17. Nigel Godrich – The Ninth Circle
18. Cornelius / Beck – Katayanagi Twins vs. Sex Bob-Omb
19. Nigel Godrich – This Fight Is Over
20. Nigel Godrich – Gideon Calling
21. Nigel Godrich – Level 7
22. Nigel Godrich – Welcome To Chaos Theatre
23. Beck / Nigel Godrich – We Are Sex Bob-Omb (Fast)
24. Nigel Godrich – Fast Entrance Into Helll
25. Nigel Godrich – Chau Down
26. Nigel Godrich – Game Over
27. Nigel Godrich – So Alone
28. Nigel Godrich – Round 2
29. Beck / Nigel Godrich – Death To All Hipsters
30. Nigel Godrich – A Different Guy
31. Nigel Godrich – Boss Battle
32. Nigel Godrich – Blowing Up Right Now
33. Nigel Godrich – Aftermath
34. Nigel Godrich – Bye and Stuff
35. Osymyso – Love (Bonus Track)
36. Osymyso – Ramona (Bonus Track)
37. Osymyso – Prepare (Bonus Track)
38. Dan the Automator – Ninja Ninja Revolution


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