Soundgarden to play pre-Lollapalooza gig

With Lollapalooza just a mere week and a half away, we’d imagine that you’re bouncing in your seats in anticipation. The annoying part is that the closer you get to such a huge event, the more anxiety builds and builds. Will I make it to everything that I want to see? Will I actually survive the weekend without being trampled? Will the hotel give me the right kind of room? …alright, maybe I’m a little bitter due to several bad convention experiences. Just hope that the hotels in Chicago are better than the ones in Baltimore. Anyways, I digress!

Cutting out a day from the waiting period always helps. We’ve already detailed the official Lollapalooza pre-party taking place on August 5th. If that isn’t to your taste, though, Freak Ball isn’t the only event going on right before the festival starts. However, it’ll be a little harder to get in to this one. And by a little, I mean a lot.

Ahead of their Sunday headlining appearance, the recently reunited Soundgarden will play their own pre-show on the same date. The small, intimate club show takes place at the Vic Theater – coincidentally, right across the street from our soiree – but you’re going to need a little work and a lot of luck to attend.

First, you’ll need to sign up to be a member at “Soundgarden World” here and then check the box that says “Include me in the August 5th Vic Theater Chicago drawing.” Upon doing so, you’ll be entered into a contest to purchase a pair of tickets. Yes, the contest is merely for the opportunity to buy the tickets, not for the actual tickets themselves. This is especially important to remember if you’ve already blown every cent in your bank account just to attend Lollapalooza.

Oh, and don’t be a troll and enter the contest if you’re not actually planning on going, no matter how bitter you might be about not being able to make it to Chicago. Even if your intentions are a little purer, you won’t be able to transfer tickets, so play by the rules.

Registration for the contest ends on Thursday, July 29th at midnight CDT (Chicago time), so throw your name into the hat while you still can. Winners are set to be announced the following morning.


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