The Black Keys play “Tighten Up” on late night… again

Let me preface my following statement by saying this: I am very happy that this is the year that I started liking The Black Keys. Plus, the band’s latest album, Brothers, is already a consensus Top 5 pick for Album of the Year at CoS.

But, really guys? Did you really just perform the exact same song — “Tighten Up” — on Leno last night that you performed on Letterman two months ago. You do know YouTube exists, right?I just thought it was a general rule of thumb to mix it up when you hit the late-night circuit, and I know that some bands do the exact same thing that you just did. But I am going to call it what it is: lame. In fact, I should totally just use the same points as my last Watch on them.

But no, at Consequence of Sound you get fresh material even when the band doesn’t provide much to work with:

— Leno’s stage is cooler than Letterman’s. However, I only just realized this because there’s rarely a good reason to ever tune into Leno. In fact, this is only the second writeup of a performance on his television program that we’ve done since mid-May.

— This was a more relaxed performance than the Letterman one.

— Um, off topic, but Mel Gibson Karaoke on Fallon is way better than anything I have to say. Seriously, after you have read every single article on Consequence of Sound, Google it.

— Seeing The Black Keys live on television would totally sell me on the album, but not at all on the concert. They just kinda stand there (or sit there) and play tunes.

— Yeah, I realize this piece is kind of dull. I am only as good as my material. Enjoy!


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