The Crow remake to be written by Nick Cave

When the movie preview for The Crow was showing on TV in 1994, my twelve-year-old soul thought it looked like the greatest thing ever. Maybe it was Stone Temple Pilot’s “Big Empty” playing over the action, maybe it was the dark imagery and explosions, or maybe it was the fact that the star, Brandon Lee, was killed while making it. I honestly can’t recall why I didn’t enjoy watching the film, but it probably also has to do with my meager age. Several bad sequels have left this comic book adaptation series nearly forgotten, but if one man can bring it back, it’s the baddest seed of all. Yeah, Nick Cave.

According to The Wrap, the beloved musician and surprisingly good screenwriter has reportedly taken on a project to rewrite a script by Stephen Norrington (Blade) and ”a major actor” that will take the revenge story to the Southwest and urban setting of  “Detroit or Pittsburgh or something like that”. If any of you have seen The Proposition, which also featured a script by the musician, you probably understand why fans of The Crow should be nothing but thrilled by this news. More specifics about the film should be released in the coming weeks, including the movie’s namesake hero, a role that must come with as certain eeriness.

Now, if we can get someone to fund the Russell Crowe-requested, Nick Cave-written Gladiator sequel, which ends with ”a 20-minute war sequence that ended up in Vietnam, and then in a toilet in the Pentagon, with [Crowe] as this rage-fueled eternal warrior,” a black hole might form in Hollywood because the universe just couldn’t handle the awesomeness.


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