U2 retooling songs with Dave Hollister

My R&B solo artist knowledge may not be up to snuff, but did you Google Dave Hollister yet? Yeah, you did. Now we both know he’s 25% of BLACKstreet and singer of those famous lines “Shorty get down, good lord”. By that accolade alone, he’s respected in my book, but he’s also been dropping albums like mad all throughout the aughts, so more props to Hollister. [“Get to the U2 part!”]

Hollister recently tweeted that he was “In the studio working with U2! Man I’m excited! Bono baby!!!!!!!!!!!!” (via Bilboard). This leads me to believe that some lucky so-and-so who rubbed a djinn out of a lamp thought of two pretty outstanding things before wishing for 1/4 of BLACKstreet to rework U2 songs.

According to Hollister, they are collaborating with U2  on new versions of  ”Grace” ” and “All I Want Is You”.  Whether he is working with the entire band or whether he is working in the same studio as Bono is yet unknown. An email to U2’s PR is out, but the fact remains that Twitter is, for better or for worse, becoming standard currency for news leads in these newfangled times. Please, oh please, look for more information to come on this collaboration.


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