Update: New Van Halen album not happening, says Van Halen wife

Pretty sure you were almost as stoked as we were with the announcement that Van Halen, those lords of ’80s rock and roll, would once again hit the studio with original lead singer David Lee Roth. But, before you get all hot for teacher on us, turns out that, according to Eddie Van Halen’s wife and band spokeswoman Janie Van Halen, the aforementioned album is just a lot of hot air. Thanks for the buzzkill.

Mrs. Van Halen spoke with Rolling Stone after rumors spread that an album was going to be recorded over the Fourth of July weekend, with a single due out by the end of the year. Short and sweet, Janie Van Halen remarked, “What is going around is exactly that, rumors. I don’t have any updates at this time.”

As for any news beyond that, we’re all going to be left waiting. Talk of new music first surfaced in 2009, when Eddie Van Halen told Rolling Stone that he had been at work on some material. But after thumb surgery and waiting for son/bassist Wolfgang Van Halen to finish high school, last week’s announcement was the only bit of hope we had since then. Sigh.

As always, stay tuned for any and all Van Halen album news as it’s announced.


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