Watch: Best Coast, Kid Cudi, & Rostam Batmanglij’s “All Summer”

Talk about a collaboration. Despite describing her band as “the most boring band in America,” Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino managed to team up with Kid Cudi and Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij for a pretty exciting collaboration. The result is a new song and brand-spankin new commercial, err video, for “All Summer”.

The song is sponsored by Converse and showcases the short, yet catchy jam with a clip that see’s bobble head versions of the trio getting their chores done while jamming out, food fighting, and picking each others’ boogers. It kicks off with Cosentino singing “All year long we wait for sun/at the beach we come undone,” before the lonely stoner launches into a rap where he spouts off about being a “slave to his artistry,” while managing to drop a line about how women love the Chuck Taylor’s he’s wearing.

All cynicism aside, the song is awesome, and the three come off as best buds. In fact, the whole thing might actually make more for a really good sitcom.

The track is available for free on Converse’s website. Check out the trippy video below, and tell us whether seeing Rostam with breasts is a weird thing, or not.


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