Watch: Everything Everything – "Schoolin'" (CoS Premiere)

A band’s name sends a particular message. The Rolling Stones lets the listener know to expect an air of rock and roll coolness. If you hear a band called Megadeth, you know you’re about to get some very angry noise blasted into your ear canal. And so on and so on for most bands (except maybe Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt). But for the UK’s own Everything Everything, their name doesn’t disappoint when it comes to get their point across: Everything does mean searing guitars, three-part harmonies, and absurd lyrical content. Don’t believe us? Just watch the video for their “Schoolin’ ” single.

The track, which comes from their David Kosten-produced and entirely nameless debut album, is also great at sending a particular message: Holy shit, get ready to be blown away. In a truly collaborative nature, the fusion rock of the band’s sound, tinged with dance, R&B, and electronica, is married perfectly to the visual imagery of the animated video. Whether it’s the Tron meets Pac-Man meets sex education chase scene or the Dire Straits-esque random action shots, someone apparently went to school for digital animation. But more than that, the track itself is an interesting mass introduction to a band that should have a lively future.

Everything Everything’s debut album hits stores this August. Stay tuned for more details on that LP as they’re announced.


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