Watch: Gorillaz – "Journey to Plastic Beach"

Confused about what exactly led our favorite animated band to an island made entirely of sea trash they endearingly named Plastic Beach? Confused as to why Russell was in gigantic mode? Confused as to who created the Noodle robot? And where the real Noodle was? And why Bruce Willis hates them so much?  Flounder in your despair no more; the answer to most of your questions will surely be found in their most recent short film “Journey to Plastic Beach”.

On top of killing it at Glastonbury last weekend, Gorillaz have  released a 15-minute video that stylistically and cohesively tells the tale of their latest endeavor. The film, narrated by the ever-scheming Murdoc,  includes both Plastic music videos “Stylo” and “Melancholy Hill”, as they are quite pertinent to the story, incidentally. If an extra 15:44 somehow falls into your lap, you should probably use it on watching this.

It’s streaming now at the Gorillaz channel on Hulu, along with a lot of other Gorillaz goodies, including their entire video catalog, live performances from the Demon Days era, and the first documentary about the eclectic cartoons we’ve come to love so dearly. Check the video out below. And don’t blame us if you can’t handle the truth.


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