Watch: Interpol brings “Barricade” to Letterman

I may be the only person around who hasn’t listened to the new Interpol album yet, but I’m totally thrilled about the prospect of wearing sunglasses at night, wearing sunglasses indoors, and wearing sunglasses in pretty much any situation while still maintaining social acceptance. Yes, something was missing from rock and roll without Interpol in the mix and they are a welcome come back.

“Barricade” works well in the late-night setting. It is instantly accessible, short, and allows the whole band to shine. The group is tight, looking just as urban and hip as ever, and still pretty low-key. After-all, this is Interpol, a band that will never seem right on a giant outdoor stage. So to see them on Letterman, much like they would seem in a small club, is perhaps the band as it should be.

Check out the performance for yourself. Interpol, the album, arrives on September 7th via Matador.

Hat tip to The Audio Perv for video support…


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