Watch: Kanye West makes stop at Twitter HQ

In a brief 24 hours, Kanye West has emerged as one of the most amazing tweeters on all of Twitter. After all, since joining the social network yesterday morning, the Chicago based rapper has joked about breast implants, (unfortunately) revealed that his next studio album won’t be called Good Ass Job, re-Tweeted Aziz Ansari’s #PredictingKanyeTweets hash tags, poked fun of himself for talking in the third person, and took a Twitpic of a goblet he uses to drink water out of, all while in the process of accumulating 225,000 followers. (Dear Kanye, can we get a few of those?)

One thing no one seemed to mention yesterday though is how Kanye managed to acquire the @kanyewest Twitter handle some four years into the company’s formation. However, thanks to Prefix, we now have our answer.

Following up Tuesday’s appearance at the Facebook cafeteria, West used yesterday to stop by Twitter HQ, where he appears to have offered yet another acapella performance in exchange for the aforementioned handle. (Pure speculation of course). Though we don’t yet know the song featured in the video below, it is believed to be from his upcoming album and features the boy-I-feel-old verse “I admit my first watch was a Fossil.”

So the question now becomes… will MySpace get a visit today?

Photo via Jillian West (@jillyface)


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