Watch: Kanye West performs new songs… acapella style

For whatever reason, Kanye West made an appearance at the Facebook headquarters yesterday to offer a preview of his forthcoming fifth studio album. What’s even weirder is the Chicago based rapper chose to offer said preview in an acapella style — meaning without beats, Wicked samples, auto-tune, or flashing lights. (Sorry, the pun was too good to pass up.)

2dopeboyz reports West performed verses of three tracks — “Lost In This World”, “Chain Heavy”, and “Mama’s Boyfriend” — all of which are rumored to be appearing on his next studio album. As previously reported, the untitled record, which may or may not be called Good Ass Job or Record For Hype, is due for release on September 14th via GOOD Music.

Below, you can find clips of West performing the three aforementioned songs. Oh, and for those counting, this is West’s second WTF public appearance in as many months.

“Lost In the World” / “Chain Gang”

“Mama’s Boyfriend”


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