Watch: Phish covers Rage Against The Machine

If someone were to draw a Venn diagram of Phish fans and Rage Against The Machine fans, I would hazard to guess there wouldn’t be much overlap. But boy, do I love being proved wrong by Youtube (example: Dogs do NOT use turtles as a form of transportati–oh wait), and this is one of those times.

July 4th, 2010: Phish are performing at Encore Park  in Alpharetta, GA to a packed ampitheater. Anastasio, Gordon, Fishman, and McConnell have covered songs before, but I don’t believe they’ve ever mined the nu-metal agit-prop rap-rock genre. And by genre, I mean RATM. “Killing In The Name Of” went off just like everything else did on America’s birthday. Check it out below. After a brief history lesson, the tune kicks in at about 4:40.

I’ll say it again, Phish is one of those bands that’s remarkably easy to make fun of for absolutely no justifiable reason. They’re a band that have challenged themselves and their audiences for years. They are some of the best musicians around and perform consistently pitch-perfect live shows, and I think a cover of “Killing In The Name Of” all but sets the bar for how far Phish are willing go. What are some other great, seemingly incongruous Phish covers that you’ve seen?


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