Watch: The Flaming Lips “See the Leaves” on Letterman

It’s like my lips are on fire!

– David Letterman

Even if you’re sick of The Flaming Lips’ live shtick by now, you have to admit their onstage antics make them a reliable late night act. At this point, when you hear the Lips are performing on Letterman, you know it’ll be worth your five minutes.

So Dave can be forgiven for having on a musical guest promoting a nine-month-old album. They did so last night by performing a rollicking version of the dark psychedelic track “See the Leaves” from Embryonic. Wayne’s hair is as well-groomed as ever, Steven Drozd’s falsetto is as distracting as ever, and that camera angle of Wayne’s cymbal is a creative move. You’ll also notice there’s a lot of orange and yellow, which isn’t a useful observation on my part, but it’s cool. Well, the colors are on the warm side, but you know what I mean.


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