Wilco leaves Nonesuch Records, possibly starts own label

After rather famously rescuing Yankee Hotel Foxtrot from the doldrums of record label limbo, Nonesuch Records will no longer be home to alt-rock mainstay Wilco (via Pitchfork). The band has decided not to renew their contract with Nonesuch and plan to start their own record label. This news only further expands the already burgeoning Wilco empire, which includes producing soul albumscurating music festivals, and sponsoring sports teams. The “Tweedy Jackets” clothing line is in the works, trust me.

“I think our main task now is to work on new material and a new album,” said guitarist Nels Cline in an interview with Express Night Out. “Jeff [Tweedy] was basically not wanting to be on a record label for a while — he didn’t renew his contract with Nonesuch — so we’re striking out on our own, our own label. There might be a 7-inch or something, a little souvenir when we do this Mass MoCa [Solid Sound Festival in North Adams, MA] I’m not sure, really. Basically, Jeff and [Wilco manager] Tony Margherita are the masterminds, so I’m just cruising with what they want to do.”

It should be noted that while a representative for the band has confirmed that Wilco has parted ways with Nonesuch, it has not been confirmed that the band will be starting their own label.

If the possibility self-released Wilco 7″ at Solid Sound August 13-15th isn’t reason enough to go, then perhaps you’ll want to see Ms. Mavis Staples performing songs from her forthcoming LP You Are Not Alone produced by none other than Jeff Tweedy. Also thanks to Pitchfork, we have a the title track from the album written by none other than Jeff Tweedy. Check out this full-bodied, oaky, alt-soul gem over at P4k.

You Are Not Alone is out September 14th via ANTI-, and as mentioned above, Wilco is working on fresh new material for a fresh new album on a fresh new label.


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