Aeroplane preps debut album, We Can’t Fly

Vita Deluca, aka the now single member of electronic project Aeroplane (his band mate Stephen Fasano left on amicable terms), has become a familiar face this year on the festival circuit. Now, he’s looking to show that he works just as well in the studio with his debut full-length. The 12-track effort is to drop on September 27th through Wall of Sound.

Recorded in Toulouse, Paris, London, and Los Angeles, We Can’t Fly (oh, I get it!) looks to be a record of influences. Deluca’s not just going for the standard DJ/techno bag of tricks. Instead, he’ll showcase his love for soulful disco, early 80s electronica, Abba, film soundtracks, Pink Floyd, the Stones, and Italian crooners. That’s a lot to pack into one album!

The range of sounds will become apparent just moving from track to track. “Mountains of Moscow” is said to be the best 80s blockbuster soundtrack you never heard. The piano-driven “Superstar” was described by Deluca as “[Giorgio] Moroder meets Canned Heat” and features vocoder vocals from Deluca himself.

There are specials guests, too. “I Don’t Feel”, a riotous rock song, features vocals from Merry Clayton, the female singer from the Rolling Stones’ studio version of “Gimme Shelter”. The frontman of French italo-disco group Poni Hoax, Nicolas Ker, contributes to “Fish In The Sky”. Dream-pop band Au Revoir Simone add their harmonious talents to the ballad “We Fall Over”.

Yeah, we think it sounds awesome too.

We Can’t Fly Tracklist:
01. Mountains of Moscow
02. We Can’t Fly
03. Superstar
04. London Bridge
05. I Don’t Feel
06. Without Lies
07. The Point of No Return
08. Good Riddance
09. Caramellas
10. Fish In The Sky
11. My Enemy
12. We Fall Over


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