Check Out: Andre 3000 – “I Do”

When two rappers work together, as tight as they may be, there has to be some competition between them. Let’s face it, rap is a game for braggarts and even the most well-oiled hip-hop machine needs space to stand alone for the good of the unit. So, when Big Boi released his solo album, it was only a matter of time before Outkast’s other half, Andre 3000, broke us off with something new (that wasn’t an awesome Beatles cover, either). Now, via, we’ve gotten just that with the unveiling of “I Do”.

The track, which is expected to be in full on the upcoming Evil Empire tape, Limelight Exclusives, is a tasty little preview. While not as adventurous beat-wise as his buddy and bandmate’s work, the song is lyrically just what we’d expect from 3 Stacks. On top of an old ’60s sample dressed up with heavy bass and a few tweaks and touches of effects, Mr. Benjamin weaves some love-dovey rhymes that should have the ladies swooning and the men nodding heavily in approval. Not bad for just two minutes of goodness.

Enjoy the preview below. Limelight Exclusives should be available this Thursday. As always, stay tuned for more solo album news as it’s announced.


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