Check Out: Beck & Devendra Banhart – “Life During Wartime”

In the battle for the most prolific musician, there are three candidates: Jack White, because, well duh. Lil Wayne, who manages to be more productive in prison than most musicians in the comfort of a million dollar recording studio. And then there’s Mr. Beck Hansen.

Want to feel really bad about yourself? Then just take a look at what Beck has done over the 12 months. Here’s just a taste: He formed a Record Club, teaming up with all sorts of friends/musicians to cover everyone from The Velvet Underground to Yanni. He’s contributed to a slew of film soundtracks, including Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, True Blood, and Twilight Saga: Eclipse. He helped Charlotte Gainsbourg deliver one of the best albums of 2010. He told Fiery Furnances to fuck off, lent his talents to a John Marytn tribute album, and even helped Conan say goodbye. Plus, per a recent interview with Pitchfork, he’s also working on a brand new full-length and finishing up a seperate project with Pavement’s Stephen Malkmus. (I’m already tired from just linking all that).

The latest example of Beck’s never ending drive/disregard for sleep comes in the form of the title track from Todd Solondz’s latest film Life During Wartime. According to The Playlist, the film was actually released last year, but this is the first time that Beck’s contribution — which sees him paired up with fellow Devendra Banhart — has surfaced.

Stream the track below. Then feel bad about yourself some more.


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