Check Out: Dr. Dre – “Turn Me On”

There’s no denying that Dr. Dre is an icon of hip-hop. But we have to question his recent priorities.

Detox has been perpetually delayed, and instead of finishing that masterpiece, the rapper has been working with Best Buy and shilling headphones and writing an instrumental ode to the planets. Plus, when he did release a potential track from Detox, with none other than Jay-Z, it was a little lackluster.

So here we are, still dying for him to break us off more of his mad skills. Now, via, our loyalty is rewarded ever so slightly with “Turn Me On”.

The track, which may be included on Detox (but who really knows at this point), features an old ’70s funk/soul vibe made ferocious with some of that trademark West Coast bass. But more than a bumpin’ beat, the song features some of the most playful delivery by Dre and some actually innovative wordplay. It’s a refreshing reminder that, when he’s in his wheelhouse, Dre can still make some stellar studio magic.

As always, stay tuned for more Detox news and Dre releases as they’re announced.


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