Check Out: Glassjaw says, “All Good Junkies Go To Heaven”

You know how we always get on rappers’ cases when their albums get delayed? Well, turns out that other musicians do it as well.  In fact, post-hardcore group Glassjaw may be more guilty than almost anyone else. Fans everywhere are still waiting for their third album, the follow up to 2002’s Worship And Tribute. Heck, they haven’t even released a song since 2006. But all that changes today as we get our first taste of some new material. About time!

“All Good Junkies Go To Heaven”, which was offered as a 7″ on August 8th, marks Glassjaw’s first actual release since 2005. And while we’re not quite sure this is worth the five-year wait, it’s got a pretty catchy, driving beat that’s quick and technically sound and features some decent lyricism to boot.  If you’re a fan, this may just be the hit you needed.

Head over to Antiquiet to take a listen for yourself. As always, stay tuned for more Glassjaw news as it’s announced. Kid Cudi, you’re off the hook. For now.


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