Check Out: Kanye West – “See Me Now” (feat. Beyonce)

Sure hip-hop album delays are inevitable, but I’d be lying if I said news of Kanye West‘s album delay totally didn’t ruin last Wednesday. And then Friday. But along the way, the Chicago based rapper is still keeping hearts content with the release of a 90 second painting and comparisons to Thom Yorke. Plus, just minutes ago West took to New York’s Hot 97 to debut a brand new number.

And when I say brand new, I mean like right out of the oven. Though he’s been working on the track for over two years, West told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez that he literally completed “See Me Now” this morning. In fact, West said that one of the song’s guest contributors, Ms. Beyonce Knowles, finished her vocals at 5am.

Joining Beyonce on the track is R&B singer Charlie Wilson. West, No I.D., and Lex Luger handled production.

West did not note whether the song will make its way on his still untitled upcoming album, which is now due for release in November 16th. However, he chose to release it now because “life is too short to be holding on to it.” He also added that it’s “something my mom would be proud off.”

You can stream the track below. Hot 97 also debuted a snippet of another new track, “I’m Appalled”, earlier today and you can stream that one here.

Update: Stereogum says a Bon Iver collaboration might be on the new album. (This post just went from amazing to super amazing).

Update #2: Album is due out November 16th, according to West (via P4k). Also, word on the interweb is that a remix of West’s “Power” featuring Jay-Z will be released on Friday.

Check Out:
“See Me Now”


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