Check Out: Lupe Fiasco – “Go To Sleep”

It might be hard to believe, but there are rappers other than Kanye West. Lupe Fiasco is one, but given the lameness of his label, the Chicago born MC has dropped off the radar as of late.

Seemingly fed up with the still-delayed release of his third LP, Fiasco has taken measures into his own hands today leaking a track titled “Go To Sleep” onto the web.

The song certainly adds to the notion that Fiasco doesn’t like making “hits”, something which the rapper’s ex-producer, Prolyfic, argued was the reason why Atlantic Records has yet to release Lasers. But where it lacks a pulsating, club-approved beat, “Go To Sleep” excels due to its lyrics with the first verse alone packing an overwhelming punch of imagery and metaphor:

I wipe the cool from my eye
Stationed in Antarctica, coldest nigga alive
Flow is Armageddon might smite crows/Cruise from the Sky
Before you drive you have to wipe locusts off your rides
But I’m warming up, oceans is on the rise
I be Ocean with 11 associates on my side
Colder than Chris Martin guitarin’ – would you look at all these Spies?
But they can’t see me, I took out their eyes
Replaced them with some me’s, so all they see is he’s
But I will never run, not even if they cry
See I can never fall, not even down their cheek
But I will always ball/bawl, let’s see who the first to blink
And I don’t need no passwords cause I don’t need to cheat
But you can say your last words then you can rest in peace
I’m the hook after your last verse, I’m also like the beat
But I will turn it down so you can go to sleep

We’ll leave final judgment for when the album comes out — whenever that may be.

Update: It appears this song comes from Fiasco’s other new studio album, Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album, and not the aforementioned Lasers, which has been on hold for over a year now. Neither of the albums currently have a release date.

Stream below (via Hypetrak):


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