Check Out: New No Age songs, “Glitter” and “Inflorescence”

Remember that new No Age album Everything In Between we told you about in June? Well, like every other band readying a new album, the group has broken us off a track from their third full-length. But unlike other bands, they also dropped another song. Yeah, that’s how you get ahead in the music world, y’all.

Before unveiling their new album on September 28th, the band will release single number one “Glitter” and accompanying b-side “Inflorescence” as a 7″ on August 24th. Thanks to Pitchfork, however, you can stream both tracks right now.

“Glitter” is a four minute breath of fresh air, full of lots of rumbling and buzzes and the energy of a high-in-fructose ’80s pop song. The shorter of the two tracks, “Inflorescence” is a little less grand in scope. It’s got the trademark sampling from the band, but it chugs along like a razor sharp punk song in the most chill sense possible. Feel free to download “Glitter” and enjoy a stream of “Inflorescence” below.

Along with the “Glitter” 7″, the song will also be released in 12″ form with tracks “In Rebound” and “Vision II”. Both efforts are due out August 24th. The album Everything in Between arrives September 28th via Sub Pop.

Check Out:

Everything in Between Tracklist:
01. Life Prowler
02. Glitter
03. Fever Dreaming
04. Depletion
05. Common Heat
06. Skinned
07. Katerpillar
08. Valley Hump Crash
09. Sorts
10. Dusted
11. Positive Amputation
12. Shred and Transcend
13. Chem Trails


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