Check Out: New Okkervil River – “Lay Of The Last Survivor”

There are many depressing things to do by yourself. You could stalk your former lovers via social networking sites, you could watch an Atom Egoyan film, you could check your bank account, or you could even pour yourself whatever’s left of that bottle of liquor in the freezer and listen to Lou Reed’s Berlin in a darkened basement apartment. All viable options. However, contrary to what Will Sheff will have you believe, seeing him live and hearing him play new Okkervil River songs is the exact opposite of depressing.

Last Tuesday, Will Sheff, frontman and lyricist for Okervil River, performed a solo set at The Living Room in NYC. Attendees were treated with “Lay Of The Last Survivor”, a new and beautiful tune hopefully to get the full OR treatment on an upcoming album. According to Stereogum, this was one of a few new songs that were performed that night. When more surface, we’ll be just as elated and pumped as Sheff is dysthymic and self-deprecating. Check out the video below (via TwentyFourBit (via WAWSTSF))


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