Conan O’Brien 7″ due out next week

Conan O’Brien‘s visit to Third Man Records in June proved to be one of the more memorable events of the year so far. After all, it not only led to this, but two O’Brien related releases as well.

Along with the release of a 12″ vinyl recording of O’Brien’s performance at Third Man, the Jack White owned label will also release a spoken word 7″ by the late night king. Available starting Tuesday, August 24th, the a-side will feature a “hilarious improvised take on the Frankenstein legend” called “And They Call Me Mad?”. On the flip side, there will be an interview with O’Brien, which was conducted by none other than Mr. White.

To your top right is the 7″‘s cover, and stream a snippet of “And They Call Me Mad?” here (it’s in the top right corner).

Pre-orders for the 7″ are ongoing here. Per TwentyFourBit, a batch of 100 limited edition 45s of the release will be also be available, but you’ll have to travel Third Man HQ in Nashville next week to purchase them. It’s for a good cause though, as all proceeds from the $100 vinyl sales being donated to a charity for uninsured musicians victimized by this year’s Tennessee flood disaster.

The aforementioned 12″ vinyl is already available for purchase here.


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