Cover your eyes: M.I.A.’s “Illy Girl”

Update: Some readers are reporting that this is the background video used in M.I.A.’s live show, though Prefix and On Smash say it’s also an official video. Either way, my brain hurts.

Sometimes, we here at CoS have conflicting opinions. For example, I thought the newly unveiled video for M.I.A.’s “XXXO” was a train wreck, but my colleague Chris Coplan disagreed. Today, though, I don’t even think Mr. Coplan can argue how much of an utter mess the clip for // / Y /‘s “Illy Girl” is. Yep, M.I.A. has revealed her second video in as many days and let’s just say it’s one of those suited for a Break Yo’ TV feature asap.

You see, M.I.A. has been trying too hard for a while now. The video for “Illy Girl” might be the most extreme example of this yet, seeing as that it is a two minute clip of M.I.A. running down on a highway. To add to the inTEnSiTy, she had the camera guy shake the camera while filming. Yep, it’s that stupid.

Why then are we showing it to you? Because sometimes you have to see the bad before you can truly know what’s good.

So get out those paper bags and get ready for a hellish two minute ride… or should I say run (via Prefix):


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