Destroyer to continue exploring electronic sounds on EP

I always wonder how history will remember the artists we hold dear and which ones that lurk in the shadows will finally find their audience when it is too late for them to enjoy it. Not that Dan Bejar, mastermind of the ever-evolving musical project Destroyer, is not playing to decent sized crowds with his band and even larger crowds when he tours as occasional member of The New Pornographers. But still, when you consider the praise he has received from Will Sheff, John Darnielle, Neko Case, A.C. Newman, and Spencer Krug,  you would think the man was like the Jesus of music to earn such overwhelming praise from a cross-section of the greatest living songwriters.

If there was a record that would allow Bejar to somehow breakthrough to the socially relevant word, his new EP probably won’t be it. Sure I’m guessing, but if the similarly of structure with Bay of Pigs EP is any indicator, Bejar will continue being Bejar and drawing a lucky few devoted people into his unique visions and twisted tales. Let’s hope they continue forming bands too, because what else would we listen to if Dan Bejar wasn’t influencing the kids to start rad bands.

So what is store this time? Pitchfork reports the A-side, “Archer on the Beach”, is a collaboration between Destroyer mastermind Dan Bejar and ambient guru Tim Hecker; the flip side, “Grief Point”, has Bejar working with Loscil, aka Destroyer drummer Scott Morgan.” But seriously, if you need details and convincing to check out two songs from Destroyer, then CoS have failed as music writers. Not really, we kinda rule.

Get the single on November 2nd via Merge.


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