End of Week Recap: August 9-13

It’s only been a week, but it’s still hard to believe that Lollapalooza is over. It seems like just yesterday we were speculating this year’s headliners. And now people are gearing up for the next one. The festival’s organizers revealed the 2011 dates, and it’s only a matter of time before forums and message boards the world over are flooded with ridiculous predictions and tips from supposed insiders (whattup Johnny J?!).

Everything in music moves at an overwhelming pace. Whether or not you’re ambitious enough to keep up with it all, we’re here to help. We’ll be back next week, same time as usual, with another overview. Stay tuned.

For a look at everything that happened while we were out at Lolla check out our recap.

Coachella announced its 2011 dates.

Sufjan Stevens will tour stateside this fall.

My Morning Jacket are hard at work on a new album.

— There’s another release to get excited about: Belle and Sebastian‘s eighth studio LP. Stay tuned for additional details.

— Rumor has it that Lady Gaga and David Bowie will collaborate.

Weezer revealed the cover art for Hurley. (Yeah, I don’t know what to say either).

— Look for Jimi Hendrix reissues this fall.

Arcade Fire‘s The Suburbs beat out Eminem’s Recovery for the top slot on the Billboard 200. The group also extended their North American tour AND towered over Jon Stewart.

Jay-Z detailed his forthcoming memoirs.

U2 gave fans a taste of what’s to come at a recent show.

— Two new new Kanye West tracks surfaced this week. One features Beyonce. The other‘s called “Mama’s Boyfriend.” At this rate, Kanye-related posts will outnumber Arcade Fire-related posts on our site.

— At the risk of stating the obvious, it hasn’t been a great year for M.I.A. This is why. And if you’re not entirely convinced, check out her latest video.

— Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas hinted at a new potential side project.

— Former Interpol bassist Carlos D revealed why he left the band in the first place.

— Indie rock institution Sub Pop is considering some drastic measures.

— Toronto’s Imagine Concert was postponed.

— Some important changes to the comment section on our website have been made.

— Chris Coplan offered his thoughts on Jukebox the Ghost‘s Everything Under the Sun.

— Check out the Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World soundtrack and original score. It’s streaming right now. You can read Stephen Foster’s review of it as well.

— Megan Ritt interviewed Rufus Wainwright.

— Karina Halle checked outChromeo show in Vancouver. She also posted an interview with Imogen Heap this week.

— We came. We saw. We conquered. Get our staff’s take on Lollapalooza here. Oh, and organizers have already set the dates for next year.

— We also covered a couple of non-Lollapalooza music fests. David Buchanan ventured out to Mayhem Festival and Philip Cosores took on HARD Summer Festival.


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