The Gay Blades are Savages this fall

Maybe it’s just me, but lately bands that excite me know how to write a good pop-rock song. Is it my lay appraisal that living in the post-aughts seems far too confounding and involuted to feel any sense of security and comfort, and that the only way to balance this hovering dread is to stack sugary pop gems on the other side of life’s rude scales? Shit, I dunno. But case and point: The Gay Blades. Besides making the short list for best band name, James Dean Wells and Quinn English — under the rock monikers Clark Westfield and Puppy Mills — rattle off raucous, danceable garage energy that distances me from the hopeless post-modern condition that plagues my day to day life. Or whatever.

Wells describes their forthcoming sophomore effort Savages as ”a collection of trashy rock songs that speak as much to the music we love as it does our own personal chemistry as a band.” To get a sense of this indelible garbage bond Wells is talking about, check out the song “Try To Understand” below. Also below, check the tracklist.

Savages is out October 5th via Triple Crown Records/ILG.

Check Out:
“Try To Understand”

Savages Tracklist:
01. Rock N’ Roll (Part I)
02. Try To Understand
03. Puppy Mills Presents
04. Mick Jagger
05. Why Winter in Detroit?
06. November Fight Song
07. Too Cool To Quit
08. Shadow’s Like A Ghost
09. Burns and Shakes
10. Wasted On The Youth
11. Every Night Is Like A Revival


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