Jimi Hendrix reissues due for this fall

You would think with Valleys of Neptune storming the charts this past March, reissues of his three classic studio albums hitting stores shelves, and a whole bunch of official bootlegs going digital, there wouldn’t be any more posthumous material from Jimi Hendrix for at least a couple of years. Looks like we’re wrong about that one. For hardcore fans of the late guitarist, Christmas will come early with a second set of deluxe reissues due for release on October 9th in both CD and vinyl formats.

Jimi Hendrix: Blues is a re-release of the 1994 album of the same name. A collection of blues classics and originals, the compilation will be upgraded with an extended version of Hendrix’ segment in Martin Scorsese’s documentary The Blues. The other record, BBC Sessions, contains the same tracklist as it did in 1998 except for the addition of “Burning of the Midnight Lamp” from a 1967 episode of Top of the Pops. Included is a DVD with some of Hendrix’s BBC appearances, including his cover of Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love.”

Oh, there’s also a new four-disc compilation titled West Coast Seattle Boy, which will feature demos, alternate takes, and other previously unreleased recordings from throughout his career. West Coast Seattle Boy will be bundled with a new Hendrix documentary by director Bob Smeaton.

Yeah, we’re going to be broke too.


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