Kanye West hosts Ustream chat, previews new song, and continues to be amazing

While it may seem like we have a bit of a Kanye West obsession here at CoS, we can’t help it if the man doesn’t stop working. On top of joining Twitter, he’s recently played “Power” live to make up for his album’s delay, debuted the conceptual masterpiece for the same track, and worked with T.I. on his comeback album. And that’s all in the last three days or so. Now, via Pitchfork, we learn that he’s continued to embrace social networking with a recent Ustream chat. From a Korean airport of all places.

The quick chat saw Ye inundated with questions, the vast majority of which he didn’t answer. But of these he did get to, we got more than our daily fix of Louis Vuitton Don updates. First, the bad news: the new album’s been pushed back to November. Take a moment to compose yourself. Better? OK, now onto the good stuff. Expect a new song to hit radio within the next few weeks, either “Lost in the World” or “All of the Lights” (you can preview “All of the Lights” below via Some Kind Of Awesome). Now, other than a few seconds of song, Mr. West also let us into his brain a little deeper by revealing the album’s inspirations: Avatar, Alexander McQueen’s collection, and Thom Yorke and Trent Reznor lyrics. You read that right. Now pick your jaw off the ground.

You can watch the whole chat here. Beyond the album details, enjoy West’s picture show and the revelation of his undying love of white people. As always, stay tuned for more album news. And we’ll also be sure to let you know the next time he blows his nose.


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