Update: Kanye West pushes back new album, plays “Power” live

You had to know it was coming, but still. Can’t once we get a hip-hop album that doesn’t suffer from a delay?

Yes, boys and girls, Kanye West‘s much anticipated, still untitled fifth studio album has been pushed back a month. Instead of its original September 14th due date, the followup to 2008’s 808s & Heartbreak will arrive on October 12th, reports HipHopDX. I wonder if Cudi is pissed?

In much better news, Kanye will debut his Marco Brambilla directed video painting for “Power” on MTV this coming Thursday at 11:00 PM EST. And yes, before you ask, Jersey Shore will be his lead-in. Ahead of the release, Brambilla has dropped a behind the scenes documentary on the making of the video painting. Also, West debuted the song, from a live perspective, at Singapore’s aptly titled Singfest earlier tonight. Check out videos for both below. Update: We’ve included a better quality recording of “Power”, plus a video of the freestyle delivered immediately following his performance of the song. The latter hears West essentially apologizing to the crowd:

But when I finally got the power man, what the fuck did I do?
And I’m so sorry to y’all, everyone one of y’all who had to fight for my name
Everyone of y’all a year ago that I made feel ashamed
Everyone that said “Kanye is that nigga, quit callin’ him names”
I am the one to blame, and the people that I, I, I,
Let down, I wanna tell you, right here, right here, right now
That I’m a new man that understands my presence and my power…


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