Klaxons plan folky outtakes EP

In the process of recording an album, bands tend to record way more songs than they’ll ever need. The process then becomes finding the cream of the crop and taking the refuse and hiding it in the deepest darkest archive imaginable. Then, years after the album becomes a hit, the band may release these outtakes in a reissue, all as a clever marketing ploy. But the Klaxons aren’t most bands, and to prove just that, they’re releasing their outtakes from Surfing the Void in the near future.

In an interview with Zane Lowe (via NME), the London rockers, who are just a couple weeks away from the August 24th release of Surfing the Void, revealed that they’ll also soon offer an EP of folky outakes. Co-vocalist and keyboardist James Righton said the tracks are more complicated” then the songs that made the cut and feature more layered vocals.

But for a dance-rock band, just how slow can they get? Well, how about a waltz? One such misfit track is a seven-minute waltz and was created by replacing the music with drones, creating a “drudgy and slow and beautiful and odd” little ditty, according to bassist Jamie Reynolds.

The unnamed EP hasn’t got an official release date, so stay tuned for more news as it’s announced. Surfing the Void hits stores August 24th via Polydor. Compliments of Some Kind of Awesome, you can stream a track from the album, titled “Twin Flames”, below.


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