Late Night Lobotomy (8/9)


    I’m an optimist. That being said, this is a tough week for even me to make the best of. It’s making me feel like a realist. Realistically, this week is full of acts that I don’t want to see, which means it’s more than likely means that it’s full of acts that you don’t want to see as we indie kids are all the same person. But people can be surprising, I suppose. I mean, hey, if you dig Buckcherry, you just keep on doing your thing and don’t let anybody get you down. But I’m gonna guess you don’t like Buckcherry, so the people being surprising argument is moot. Hey, it’s not all bad, though. Slayer! And Meat Loaf! Okay, maybe it is all that bad…

    On the real, the highlights are easily spotted this week. You’re gonna wanna be watching J Fal’s Monday Menomena as well as his Thursday Walkmen. And if you’re gonna pick one, make it Kimmel’s Wednesday for the Joanna Newsom spectacle (Robin Pecknold accompaniment? Fingers Crossed.). Also, Vampire Weekend’s playing Craig Ferguson if you aren’t yet tired of them. Will they ever stop their Contra shenanigans? If so, it won’t be anytime soon. Before I leave you to it, I need to highlight one last piece of info, David Letterman is reruns, and I know your first instinct is to ignore reruns. But please, if you missed it, check out the Wednesday re-airing of the Jay-Z and Eminem special. It was one to consider for the top 10 in late night 2010. Speaking of, we should make a list later this year. Anyway, I digress.

    Here’s your Late Night Lobotomy.

    Mon—Luke Bryan
    Tues—Christian Scott
    Wed—Joanna Newsom

    Wed—JP, Chrissie and The Fairground Boys
    Thurs—The Walkmen

    Mon—Betty LaVette*
    Tues—Steve Winwood*
    Wed—Jay-Z & Eminem*
    Thurs—The Dead Weather*

    Tues—Surfer Blood*
    Wed—The Living Sisters*
    Thurs—Never Shout Never*
    Fri—La Roux*

    Mon—Vampire Weekend
    Wed—Julie Gribble

    Tues—Meat Loaf
    Wed—Los Lobos
    Thurs—The Whigs
    Fri—Alejandro Escovedo

    * = Repeat

    Stay tuned, folks!

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