Les Savy Fav moves up album release in response to leak

There’s no doubt we like Les Savy Fav — we had them at our most recent showcase after all. We like them so much so that we eagerly looked forward to their new album, Root for Ruin, hitting stores on September 14th. Turns out though, thanks to one of those tricky Internet leaks, the band, via OneThirtyBPM.com, have decided to move the album’s release date to tomorrow, August 3rd. We both like that and don’t like that simultaneously.

When the album initially leaked, the band responded with a rather humorous Twitter account. Then, of course, there was that special Leaked Edition they offered. Realizing though that crazy good deals and threats of hauntings may not be enough, the album will be available for download on iTunes tomorrow, with physical copies to be available shortly after.

Click here if you’d like to pre-order through iTunes. Or, if you just want to give the band money because you may or may not have downloaded a certain leak, then head here. Enjoy the tracklist below (unless you have it already) and stay tuned for more news on the physical copies as it’s announced.

Root for Ruin Tracklist:
01. Appetites
02. Dirty Knails
03. Sleepless in Silverlake
04. Let’s Get Out of Here
05. Lips n’ Stuff
06. Poltergeist
07. High and Unhinged
08. Excess Engergies
09. Dear Crutches
10. Calm Down
11. Clear Spirits


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