Lil Wayne interviewed on Hot97, drops new track on Power 105

Despite the fact he’s in prison until November, Lil Wayne‘s presence can still be felt throughout the popular music landscape. Whether it’s that new mash-up album or his upcoming EP I’m Not a Human Being, there’s just no stopping the robo-tripping super flow of Weezy. So, it should be no surprise that Wayne just did his first in-jail interview and dropped a new song on radio.

Via, Wayne recently spoke with Funkmaster Flex on his Hot97 show straight from Rikers Island. Wayne digressed on a number of subjects, including fan support during his incarceration and his desire to work with Andre 3000 and Tech N9ne. He also reveals his day primarily consists of waking up at noon, talking on the phone, and reading fan mail. So, uh, about prison being hard?

Then, across town as if it were planned by the gods themselves, Wayne’s track “Right Above It”, which features Drake and could make an appearance on the aforementioned EP, debuted on New York’s Power 105 station. Enjoy the especially triumphant burner (via from two guys who know a thing or two about celebrating. And while the synth-heavy song is Wayne’s, pay special attention to Drake’s verse. Where was more of this on your album, huh?

As always, stay tuned for more of Lil Wayne Prison Watch 2010. I’m Not a Human Being is available for download September 27th.


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