Music publisher confirms sordid tale of Van Halen reunion

Previously on The Van Halen Saga, the band announced they had reunited with frontman David Lee Roth to record a new album. But wait; Eddie Van Halen’s wife said it was all a lie! No, it actually may be happening this time! And someone married someone else’s evil twin. Actually, according to Spinner (via The Daily Swarm), it just seems that the second to last bit may be true (but that twin thing would be a nice twist). Sorry, we got wrapped up in all the drama their for a second.

While we’d love to take the word of any of the actual people involved in the reunion, we simply can’t. We can, however, believe the word of Warner/Chappel, the band’s long-standing music publisher. In a statement from late last week, which we must have missed from Lollapalooza fever, the company said the band “is currently in the studio recording an album with Roth that is due for release in 2011.” Well, that clears all that up.  When released, it’d be the first record from the lineup since 1983’s 1984. On top of the album, according to Billboard, Live Nation Promotions executive/band manager Irving Azoff confirmed in an August 5th industry earnings conference that the band would tour in 2011. Lesson learned: from now on, we’re going to just listen to men in suits.

As always, stay tuned for more details on both the album and tour as they’re announced.


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