of Montreal to give False Priest a cassette release

Ah, the days of cassettes. I’m sure that a good portion of you readers remember the days of sitting next to the radio, poised to hit the record button the second your favorite song came on the station. Memorizing exactly how long you’d have to hit fast forward to get to a song you wanted to listen to. The giant Walkmans you’d lug around—especially when you got one of them that strapped to your arm so you could listen to music when you were exercising.

If you’re prone to nostalgia, are a collector, or still actually have a cassette player around, you might like this new piece of information about Of Montreal‘s upcoming album, False Priest. Along with its release on formats we’re used to (CD, for example, of course), they also plan to do a cassette release via Joyful Noise Recordings. Included with the cassette will be a digital download of the album in both high-quality MP3s and FLAC, so no worries if you want to put it on your computer and/or iPod.

The band isn’t unfamiliar to even more unorthodox methods of music distribution. Their last album, Skeletal Lamping, saw a similar form of release…except with things such as t-shirts, a button set, wall decals, and a paper lantern. Cassette seems rather normal in comparison.

The cassettes can be pre-ordered at Joyful Noise’s website for $10. They are limited edition, and will be limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. The artwork within the 12-panel booklet will contain paintings and re-interpretations of paintings by David, Nina, and Kevin Barnes.

You can check out the track list for False Priest here, as well as download the album’s first single, “Coquet Coquette” here for free.


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