Watch: M.I.A. – “XXXO”

It ain’t easy being M.I.A. Sure, she’s an international superstar, but Maya has had a pretty bad run of luck in recent months, some of which is deservedly so. That said, you do have to give her some props: she’s either really ignorant or has the will power of a lioness. Case in point the new music video for “XXXO”, where she basically spends three minutes rubbing just how awesome she is in your face.

For the video, we’re thinking the director wanted to create a vibe of Lisa Frank meets those photos you take in the mall, with flowers and bubbles in the background. With big-teased hairs and some of the best graphics we’ve ever seen (we mean that and are entirely sarcastic in the same breath), M.I.A. crawls around like some Sri Lankan sex kitten. Other than the inclusion of way more swans than necessary, the rest of the video features the singer/rapper posing for the camera in various sultry looks and shiny clothing. But we think it all sends a perfect message. That message? It’s all, like, whatever.

Enjoy the video below (via Gorilla Vs. Bear).


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